Star Industry Live in Athens w/ In Vein, Cold Remembrance

Modu + Darknet + High Voltage Presents
Star Industry Live in Athens !
Special Guests In Vein (Gothic / Rock / Industrial band)
Opening act : Cold Remembrance
Στο MODU (Οδυσσέως 14, Αθήνα)
Παρασκεύη 3 Νοεμβρίου
Πόρτες: 21:00
+ After Show Party

Event info :

• 8€ ( Early Bird – Περιορισμένη διάθεση 100 εισητήρια)
• 10€ (Προπώληση – Περιορισμένη διάθεση)
• 12€ (Ταμείο)

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:: Star Industry ::

Star Industry – the Belgian based gothic rock band – saw the light of day in 1996. The band released one year later their debut album ‘Iron Dust Crush’. This CD contained also their break through hit in the scene. Nineties became an instant dancefloorfiller. This CD was rereleased twice because it kept on selling.

After that the band released there 2nd CD Velvet. From this moment on they played on all the big festivals like M’era Luna, Wave gothic Treffen, Eurorock , Angrarock in Portugal and so much more.

In 2007 the CD “Last Crusades” was released. They went again to play M’era Luna, headlined the famous Whitby Gothic Weekend in the UK, headlined the Lumous Gothic Festival in Finland and toured very intensively in Europe, the band also toured in China and went to the USA.

From this tour was also a live CD released “Black Angel / White Devil – Live in Madrid”.

In 2014 the Eilyne EP was released followed in 2015 by their new album “The Renegade”.

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:: In Vein (Gothic / Rock / Industrial band) ::

Οι In Vein είναι ενα gothic/rock συγκρότημα από την Αθήνα.

Μερικές από τις κύριες επιρροές τους είναι μπάντες όπως οι: The 69 Eyes,The Sisters of Mercy, HIM, Type O Negative,Sentenced και επίσης οι Dope Stars,ο Marilyn Manson και οι Deathstars.

Δημιουργήθηκαν το Χειμώνα του 2005 από τον Bloody Valentine και τον τότε κιθαρίστα Angel Paul. Αμέσως μετά 4 επιπλέον μέλη προστέθηκαν για να σχηματιστεί το πρώτο line-up.

Η πρώτη τους συναυλία ήταν στις 29-9-2005 στο Θέατρο Παπάγου όπου άνοιξαν τo live των Φιλανδών Charon και των To/Die/For.Μετά από αυτό, η μπάντα άλλαξε 3 από τα μέλη της και στη συνέχεια έδωσε συναυλίες σε μερικά από τα πιο γνωστά μαγαζιά της Αθήνας όπως τα: An Club,Underworld,On Stage club,Stigma και στο DADA, όπου άνοιξαν τη συναυλία των Elusive(2007) και των Βέλγων Star Industry(2008)-δυο από τις πιο παλιές και ιστορικές Gothic/Rock μπάντες.

To 2009 άνοιξαν την συναυλία των Φιλανδών Before the Dawn στο DADA.
Τον Οκτώβριο του 2016 συμμετείχαν σαν opening act στο Live των Death in June ως επίσης τον Μάιο του 2017 των SEVI στο Modu και το κοινό τους αποθέωσε.
Ο ήχος της μπάντας με το πέρασμα του χρόνου έχει αλλάξει αρκετά από τον αρχικό, αλλά πάντα στα πλαίσια του Gothic/Rock!

Πρόσφατα κυκλοφόρησαν το cd με τίτλο “Veiled in pain”, και το single “Bloody Valentine”. Και ήδη ετοιμάζουν την επόμενη δισκογραφική τους δουλειά.

2006 – IN LOVE (EP)
2017 – ROCKORAMA 2 – COLLECTION (participation)

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LOST BOYS – live
In Vein – Heartblades live @ DADA 26-09-2010.wmv

:: Cold Remembrance ::
Gothic Metal Band from Athens (Greece), first created during the winter of 2004 by guitarist V-Angel and keyboarder Romanos. Having departed from former bands, they came with the idea of creating music that would express their inner and deeper emotions, as a mean to balance the ”Damages” daily life does to us. The band’s entire philosophy springs out of their sentimentalism and frailty according to the loss of every feeling and value in peoples lifes.
Since then Cold Remembrance entered studio to prepare their first album by the title ”Visions from a World Apart” and the same time launced their first video for the song ”Yours Devoted” witch recieved very good reviews.
They gave some interviwes and had their first gig as guests to a Gothic-Metal party, organized by one of the most famouse dark/goth/black/metal radio producers in Athens.
They also participated to Gothic Rock Around the World III, a compilation prepared by Sombrati Records and released in May 22 to celebrate the World Gothic Day, with the song ”Closure”.
They started having some live appearances and played infront of a warm crowd 3 times the last 7 months, first in May 17th as guests at Remedy live club during a Goth-Metal party organised by sound producer and DJ George Nocturnal Beauty, secondly, October 11th at the same place with goth metal band COMA CURVE and finally at the very same place on the third day (November 31) of the 1st Hellenic Dark & Goth Festival.
Nowadays they are dealing with minor details concerning the album, such as last recordins, editing, mixing, mastering, with their sound engineer Lambros Kritsimas (former co-worker of Christopher Andrew “Chris” Tsangarides ), while behind the layout stands Nikos Markogiannakis (Zila art and design ).
Stay tuned for more to follow….

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