Etor Tenebrae de Profundis II Fest – March 17 – March 18

Η ανακοίνωση και το τελικό line up του Etor Tenebrae de Profundis II Fest :

“Etor as a concert promoter team didn’t started a few months ago but about 3 years ago. We are not the typical professionals who have as a main purpose to earn money, but we are also dreamers, trying to bring the music we love in our country. And yes, we, the dreamers, we are still asleep. We are not inside the system.
We have successfully organised in Athens concerts with Sol Invictus, Sieben, Of The Wand and The Moon, Naevus, Rome, Joy Of Life, Triarii, TSIDMZ and the biggest world wide dark ambient 3-days festival with In Slaughter Natives, Sophia, Deutsch Nepal, Brighter Death Now, Raison d’Etre, Nordvargr, Vladimir Hirsch, Desiderii Marginis, Svartsinn, Kammarheit, Trefle Noir, Shibalba, Aushwalt.

Not only never earned a dime from any of the concerts but was ALWAYS losing money in each event. Despite that , everyone, arists and audience, were satisfied as Etor always accomplished to have things going as they should. And there are so many people, either audience or artists, that can assure that Etor events were always succesfull in the end despite any problems or loss. And you know that Greec e is a country that is in a capital control of the banking system which make things even harder. But still, as it has already been said , we are achieving with hard efforts to make successful gigs.

So as the facts have been presented, lets get to the present now and the 2nd edition of Etor’s Tenebrae de Profundis festival. As you can see from those facts, what is sure is that none can accuse us as crooks and of course we shall stand furious and fiercely against any such slanderings. Two bands have cancelled, with the late one denying to show a 3 days patience as we asked them. Two bands denied to come due to some “rumors”, f.e NWW, breaking our agreement and giving rediculous excuses such as ” ….. Pulled out because of your attitude towards mutual friends” .We still waiting the official reply of Legendary Pink Dots if they will be in the fest. Edward from LPD has already his flight ticket and expect his confirmation for the other members.

Things didn’t went on exactly as we planned and many difficulties and obstacles appeared but still till the very last moment there is a hard effort to get the things going through.
Till now the bands confirmed and with booking flights etc are :

Kiss the anus of a black cat
Andrew King
TSIDMZ & Carmen D’Onofrio
Der Arbeiter
In Ruin
L’ Effet C’ Est Moi
Defile des Ames
Skinner Box

ETOR, even in last minute, will try to save and add as more bands as we can, besides the low presales and all the damage that in purpose some people and bands did against us.

As about refunds for people that expected and wanted to see some bands that wont be here : ETOR, due to law, has one month from the day of the fest to return the money to people that decided not to be here. You can send a prv message to ETOR page to explain you exactly the way of getting back the refund. We apologise for this and we hope for better days to come. And these days will come…